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Middletown Main Street hires Monique Chadband!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

After having a vacancy for one year in the ED position, Middletown Main Street welcomes its new Executive Director, Monique Chadband. As Middletown, like many communities throughout the nation, recovers and rebuilds following a global pandemic - the new ED sees challenging obstacles as opportunities.

Monique Chadband, MMS Executive Director

Ms. Chadband brings 20+ years of cross-sector experience as an entrepreneur and business owner, realtor, college professor, consultant, community developer, nonprofit executive and humanitarian. Her diverse education and background provide a fresh perspective for the Downtown District. A native of Salem County, New Jersey - Monique Chadband fell in love with the "small town" charm of Middletown, Delaware when she moved here in 2006.

Monique Chadband is a dynamic leader and the Board of Directors is excited to have her at the helm. Principal and CEO of her executive consulting firm PACE, LLC - Ms. Chadband has been contracted for this position as Executive Director. "Middletown is such an amazing community. Over the past 20 years we've seen tremendous growth in the housing and business markets here. My role is to be a catalyst for reflective business development, residential improvements, and community advancements in the Downtown District. I look forward to working with the MMS Board, the Town of Middletown, business owners and community members to build upon the staples that already exist here and create an even greater downtown district." - Monique Chadband, MS To contact Monique Chadband click here.

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